Your Premier Colorado Plastic Surgery Clinic – bod:evolve

We are more than just a cosmetic surgery clinic — we are helping patients cross a threshold to a whole new self image and lifestyle.

Located in Lone Tree, Colorado, bod:evolve was originally established in 2008, bringing together 4 very experienced doctors who’ve been in practice for over 67 years combined. Their goals continue to redefine premium results, service and care that should be expected from a Plastic Surgery Center.

Face Procedures

We are proud to be the only plastic surgery facility in the west that is performing laser-assisted facelifts, or SmartLifting ™. This incredible technique is minimally invasive, cheaper than traditional facelifts and provides you with a faster recovery time. A variety of additional facial procedures help ensure that you receive the look you want.

Breast Procedures

Our multi-faceted approach to breast procedures allows us to deliver completely tailored results. A combination of breast procedures is often delivered to create a patient’s ideal outcome. Many women opt to do a breast augmentation with a breast lift. Explore our breast procedures below to learn more about what might be right for you.

Body Procedures

Whether you want to remove excess skin, redistribute fat or increase muscle definition, our myriad of cutting-edge technologies can deliver you with just that. Our doctors marry the latest body sculpting technology with artistic techniques to provide you with your ideal body. Explore our cutting-edge body sculpting procedures below to learn more about what might work best for you.

The New Generation of Body Sculpting and Body Design

Our center combines cutting-edge cosmetic surgery techniques and technologies to help you achieve the body you desire. We are honored to have four internationally renowned plastic surgeons under one roof.

Board certified plastic surgeons  Dr. John Millard, Dr. Edmon P. Khoury and Dr. Cecilia Franco-Webb are all experts in their field, and they take pride in performing revolutionary plastic surgery procedures.

Their unparalleled results reflect their premium sense of aesthetics, proportion and mastery. Their commitment to results and advancement in the field has positioned bod:evolve as an international leader in the art of body sculpting and body contouring.

Meet Our Surgeons


Co-Founder of bod:evolve

John A. MillardMD, FACS

Dr. Millard has garnered international recognition as a pioneer in the field of liposculpting and fat grafting. Dr. Millard is a national and international trainer of these advanced body-sculpting techniques.

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Dr. Edmon Khoury is the leading facial surgeon at bod:evolve

Edmon P. KhouryMD

Dr. Khoury is an international facial plastic surgeon, having pioneered multiple minimally invasive facelift procedures in the United States. A master of the aging face, his pedigree is only surpassed by his results.

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Headshot of Dr. Franco-Webb

Cecilia Franco-WebbMD

Formerly a surgical professor at the University of Colorado, Dr. Franco-Webb is a breast revision and reconstructive surgical specialist. She is widely admired in the industry for the care and compassion she provides to her patients.

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