What Is 4D VASER Hi Def?

4D VASER is the liposuction of the future, available today. The 4-dimensional VASER Hi Def liposculpting incorporates the autologous fat transfer (AFT) technique in every case. A portion of the extracted fat is purified* and inserted back into the body as a sculpting medium.

The most idealistic forms of beauty are achieved by the abduction and adduction of adipose (fat) tissue. Think Michelangelo, who once said, “The highest object of art, is man.”

We now understand how artistic form plays a part in human beauty and the appearance of youth.

Patients for 4D VASER Hi Def are marked for superficial compartments (muscle area) deflation, as well as the spaces between the muscles. A ‘surgeon sculptor’ is able to utilize a whole new world of options when this particular set of clay / sculpture tools is added to his arsenal.

*An advanced filtration and fat collection system, echogenic cannulas and AFT integrators.

Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT)

A patient’s adipose tissue is collected as sterile ‘clay.’ This provides an all-natural ‘clay’ to achieve a more artistic and realistic 4-dimensional physique.

The sterilized adipose tissue is strategically inserted back into a patient under ultrasonographic guidance.

Art’s Influence on 4D VASER Hi Def

Human beauty in sculpture and art exaggerates the shape of the human figure.

This can be traced back to over 35,000 years ago with the discovery of Venus of Hole Fel. Venus of Hole Fel is the earliest known work of figurative art.

Venus of Willendorf is a popular ‘Venus’ figure that defines the exaggerated female shape, oversized buttocks and breasts.

Kritios Boy was one of the first realistic portrayals of the human body.

Polykleitos changed the body sculpting game by exaggerating and distorting the human form. This new approach to sculpture was in exemplifying mathematical foundations of artistic perfection. Kanon got his name because he had precise symmetry.


There has undoubtedly been an evolution of human beauty. Ideals similar to the hourglass figure, a slim waist, a v-shaped torso and muscular definition in men are all sought after.

Traditional Liposuction Techniques vs. 4D VASER Hi Def

Traditional lipo techniques extract fat in a limited fashion. They are restricted to only removing deep fat layers and avoid any superficial or subdermal layers, which is where definition comes into play. This greatly limits the ability to refine and sculpt the human figure.

4-D VASER Hi Def Liposculpture Advances
  • Comprehensive understanding of muscular form
  • Understanding of how muscles in motion contribute to outward body topography
  • Sophisticated understanding* of how fat and connective tissue contribute to definition
  • Incorporation of light* in marking the patient and throughout the procedure

*TouchView diagnostic ultrasound system helps define accurate anatomy. This, in addition to overhead lighting, is called a ‘clinic photage technique,’ developed to improve inadequate lighting techniques used in plastic surgery.

*Promaster LED light studio is used for most 4D VASER Hi Def marking techniques. This mobile lighting system helps highlight many aspects of the patient’s form.

6-Apogee (Pack) Abs

Apogee is the highest point or trajectory of a muscle bulge. A person’s apogees are never centered, but closer to the insertion of the muscle. This unique curvature changes along the length of the muscle and is moved upon contracting the muscle. This is referred to as dynamic apogee.

Each 4D VASER Hi Def abdominal sculpting patient is marked for each ab convex. The length, tilt, curve and fullness (or tautness) of each ab is evaluated. AFT (abdominal fat transfer) is used to restore this fullness.

Cutting Edge 4D VASER Hi Def Tools

TouchView diagnostic ultrasound system helps define accurate anatomy. This, in addition to overhead lighting, is called a ‘clinic photage technique,’ developed to improve inadequate lighting techniques used in plastic surgery.

Promaster LED Light Studio is used for most 4D VASER Hi Def marking techniques. This mobile lighting system helps highlight many aspects of the patient’s form.

The VASER laser reduces heat generation and trauma to surrounding tissues.

VentX Cannula is custom designed to dislodge fat with minimum trauma to your surrounding tissues. The state-of-the-art balanced-ported cannula provides:

  • Maximum fat dislodging efficiency and speed
  • Precise sculpting and ‘feathering’
  • Minimal post-operative swelling and bruising
  • Minimal injury to surrounding tissues

After years of researching the human body, bod:evolve’s Dr. Millard proudly announces the development of the newest advancement in liposculpture technique: 4D VASER Hi Def. Building on the principles of 3-dimensional body sculpting, 4D VASER Hi Def incorporates several new and significant artistic, anatomical and surgical innovations.

The Process Behind 4D VASER Hi Def
For years surgeons have relied on a general approximation in shaping to make decisions in the liposculpting process. What they didn’t take into account was the way in which the fatty tissue they were sculpting would interact with the natural movement of the underlying muscle structure.

4D VASER Hi Def is a four-dimention procedure that reflects the way in which the body’s muscular movement is related to the connective and adipose tissue, ultimately refining the topographic appearance of the body’s muscles.

It has long been theorized that fatty tissue was once a continuous structure. However, recent studies conducted by a team of experts (including Dr. Millard) have found that fatty tissue is actually compartmentalized throughout the body. Through a study of these relationships, Dr. Millard realized that dynamic anatomy (movement) also played a vital role in the visual topography of the human form. It is focusing on the relationship between the adipose and connective tissue with the underlying musculature that sets 4D VASER Hi Def apart from the competition.

4D VASER Hi Def has truly advanced liposculpting technique using combination of liposculpting and Autologous Fat Grafting (AFT) under ultrasound guidance in both the muscle and superficial fat compartments, taking into account the relationship of fat, connective tissue and muscular movement, youthful fullness and shape over every portion of the muscle “form.”

Sculpting of the Body

The real core of 4D VASER Hi Def is the sculpting surgeon’s ability to recognize the appearance of the human body. This is why Dr. Millard incorporates the use of unique lighting and muscular contraction protocol to better understand the unique shape each muscle takes during contraction and relaxation. During this process, each of the body’s curves is mapped for its length, tilt and curvature using the tonal gradations created by the special lighting used. This helps the sculpting surgeon learn how to best accentuate the body’s natural movements.

New Techniques of 4D VASER Hi Def

4D VASER Hi Def also introduces Dr. Millard’s new method known as theCompression Coupling Technique,” which accomplishes the following:

  • Significant reduction in postoperative pain, swelling and bruising; many patients are requiring virtually no pain medication postoperatively , even when an entire circumferential torso is being sculpted.
  • Reduction of VASER time on most cases by 50%
  • Reduction of Aspiration times by at least 50%, sometimes even more!
  • 4D VASER Hi Def truly is the future of liposculpting

If this procedure interests you and you would like to learn more, please contact us today to schedule your risk-free consultation.


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