Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Utilizing liposuction, fat transfer breast augmentation simply takes fat from various parts of your body and injects it into your breasts. This is typically an option for women who are looking for a smaller increase in breast size with a more natural looking result.

Transferring fat from an unwanted area of the body to another area of the body has been used in plastic and reconstructive surgery for over 100 years.

Two-Step Fat Transfer Process

Fat grafting for the breast consists of two procedures performed on the same day:

  1. Harvesting the fat – A significant amount of fat is removed manually utilizing a cannula connected to a small syringe. The harvested fat is then processed in a centrifuge to separate unwanted components.
  2. Placement of fat into the breasts – Fat is injected very carefully through small incisions using an infiltration cannula.

Common Breast Fat Transfer Questions:

Can you move up to any breast size with fat transfer? Typically, the increase in breast cup size is around one cup size. The higher end increases may be approximately 250cc or just over one and a half cup sizes.

What are the primary risks with fat transfer? This procedure can result in the formation of calcifications, which may interfere with future mammograms.

Fat Transfer Benefits:

  • This procedure utilizes natural fat from your own body
  • The results can greatly enhance your body shape
  • Fat transfer improves breasts that are uneven or do not look natural
  • Minimal scarring from very small incisions

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