Breast Reduction / Mammaplasty

Are the Size of Your Breasts Causing You Emotional or Physical Discomfort?

What is traditionally thought to be something envied, for many women, is actually a curse. Many women with large breasts may suffer from chronic health conditions as a direct result of a disproportionate amount of breast tissue.

Women who receive breast reduction surgery are often the most satisfied and excited patients. Breast reduction patients have not only regained an enhanced appearance and newfound sense of self-confidence, but they have reduced or eliminated chronic health conditions that have affected their lifestyle up to that point. They now can start to enjoy life in a way they were unable to prior to surgery.

Do Your Breasts Cause You:

  • Persistent neck/back/shoulder pain?
  • Chronic rashes under your breasts?
  • Irritating bra strap grooves on your back and shoulders?
  • Poor posture?
  • Frustration when trying to fit into available bras/clothing?
  • An inability to perform physical activities such as exercise?
If So, We Can Help!

The size of your breasts should be proportionate to the rest of your body. Over time your breasts can change due to factors such as aging, weight loss and gain, hormonal imbalances and gravity. Breast reduction surgery is one of the most commonly performed procedures in the United States. It is extremely effective when it comes to treating these conditions and improving the overall health and self-esteem of patients who select the procedure. In many cases, the procedure is covered by insurance.

The Procedure

The traditional breast reduction procedure reshapes your breasts to be in proportion with the rest of your body by removing fat, glandular tissue and excessive skin. It is a more invasive procedure than other breast surgeries such as a breast lift. Therefore, the process is more involved and healing will take more time. But the result is worth it: smaller, lighter, firmer, more natural breasts, an enhanced self-image and a boosted self-confidence.

Smartlipo™ Breast Reduction

Another option to consider is breast reduction using Smartlipo™. Dr. Millard is pioneering a revolutionary method for removal of unwanted fat, including fatty breast tissue that is causing you to have increased cup sizes.

Smartlipo™ is highly effective, allowing Dr. Millard to remove more fat from a targeted area with less risk than traditional liposuction. The end result is a more sculpted look and new firmer, smaller and rounder breasts that fit comfortably and in proportion to your body shape and size. Smartlipo™ breast reduction patients typically experience a more rapid recovery, being able to return to your regular routines and workouts within 1-2 weeks.