How Do I Know If My Breast Implant Has Ruptured?

How To Diagnose A Ruptured Breast Implant

You may notice the contour or shape of your breast has changed. Some women might experience tightness, slight discomfort, and or skin rippling. Ruptured implants are not believed to cause any medical issues. Let’s look at the signs and symptoms of Silicone and Saline implant ruptures.
2 Types Of Silicone Implant Ruptures:
1. Intra-Capsular Rupture:
The silicone leak stays inside the capsule (a thick layer of scar tissue that naturally grows around your implant).When this happens, the silicone stays contained.

In some cases, your capsule can become inflamed and additional scar tissue can form, which might lead to:

Change in […]

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Fold Malposition

Fold Malposition (“Bottoming Out” or “Double Bubble”)
Breasts have natural folds that provide gentle curves and shapes that create the definition for your breasts. Following Breast Augmentation surgery, some women experience fold malposition, which is a condition where the fold below the breast, or on the side of the breast has moved.

While this can be frustrating, there are ways to fix fold malposition and restore your natural breast shape.
How Does Bottoming Out Happen?
During a breast augmentation surgery, your doctor creates a ‘pocket’ under your breast where your implant will be placed. The curvature or fold below the breast (inframammary fold), and […]

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What Is Symmastia?

Symmastia Is The Least Common Of All Breast Augmentation Complications And Is Only Corrected Through Revision Surgery
Symmastia, also known as ‘uniboob’, ‘breadloafing’ or ‘kissing implants’ is a condition in which the breasts merge together at the middle of the chest. This typically occurs due to an over-dissection of a breast pocket by a plastic surgeon when trying to create ample cleavage.

However, Symmastia can also occur when an implant is too large for a woman’s breast pockets or there has been a tissue failure. In rare case, symmastia may simply be a condition that individuals are born with.

Note: Subglandular implants are […]

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