What Makes Fat Transfers Unique?

They allow you to use your own fat tissue to enhance areas on your face or body.

This revolutionary procedure allows you the opportunity to shape your body naturally without using primitive methods or by introducing a foreign substance into your body.

Current patients can undergo Fat Transfers for multiple body areas. Breast Augmentation and Fat Transfer Facial are two common examples of fat allocation.

How Does a Fat Transfer Work?

The process consists of a patient having fat samples removed from the body via liposuction. A portion of this fat is then scientifically processed using our one-of-a-kind technology.

A more specific example of this treatment is how it will allow a patient to enhance their breasts using their own fat tissue. The purpose of the procedure could be to retain the natural look and feel of the breasts, while at the same time providing an increase in cup size without introducing a foreign substance into the body.

Fat Transfer Benefits

The biggest reason? Using only natural components of your own body poses no risk.

According to Dr. John Millard, “By sculpting patients’ physique using their own adipose-derived tissue, we essentially change the anatomy of the patients so their results will naturally age and evolve along with the rest of the tissue in their body.”

bod:evolve is proud to be one of the first centers in the U.S. to offer patients this most progressive all-natural method of body contouring and enhancement. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to schedule a consultation today, which is complimentary with most of our surgeons.

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