What Is a Forehead Lift / Brow Lift?

A forehead lift, or brow lift, is a procedure that reduces lines and wrinkles in the forehead, removing the visible signs of aging and stress.

Patients seeking brow lifts usually have sagging brows and forehead skin. Deep furrows that run horizontally across the brow are usually a major area of concern. Additionally, the sagging forehead skin can cause the patients eyes to appear tired and upper eyelids to look heavy.

Where Should an Eyebrow Be?

A female brow should be slightly above the bony rim of the upper eye, and a male brow should be at the level of the bony rim. A brow lift repositions the brow to that ideal and more youthful position, giving it a beautiful arched look.

How do you Perform a Forehead Lift / Brow Lift?

Brow lifts consist of adjustment of the select facial muscles responsible for the drop in brow position. At bod:evolve, brow lifts are performed endoscopically through minimal incisions hidden behind the hairline.

This technique allows for natural positioning of the brow, removal of forehead wrinkles and the softening of frown lines. Improvement can also be seen in the upper eyelid region.

Endoscopic brow lifts are less invasive than traditional brow lifts, resulting in less discomfort, quicker recovery and a fresher look for the patients.

Look Less Stressed, Angry and Tired

Brow lifts can help revitalize your appearance. Since they are only intended to treat the upper part of the face, they are often used in combination with additional procedures, such as eyelid surgery or a facelift, as part of a more comprehensive overall facial rejuvenation.

If you’d like to learn more about endoscopic brow lifts or any other cosmetic procedures, feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our world-renowned surgeons today!

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