Are You Challenged with Gynecomastia? You’re NOT Alone.

Gynecomastia affects 40% – 60% of men and is due to the excess growth of breast tissue, not excess fat tissue. Gynecomastia is the enlargement of the gland tissue of the male breast and is caused by an imbalance of the hormones testosterone and estrogen.

Dr. John Millard Uses VASER Hi Def to Remove Gynecomastia

7 Causes of Gynecomastia:

  1. Being overweight: Chronic kidney disease and chronic liver disease have also been known to cause Gynecomastia.
  2. Hormone Imbalance: Excess estrogen and low levels of testosterone frequently cause Gynecomastia in men.
  3. Medications: Nearly 25% of Gynecomastia cases can be attributed to medication causes. For a full list of medications that may be causing your Gynecomastia, download our “Everything You Need to Know About Gynecomastia” report.
  4. Puberty: 50% or more of adolescent boys have some breast development during puberty. This is frequently a cause of psychological distress. However, 3 out of 4 pubertal Gynecomastia cases will resolve themselves within two years.
  5. Endocrine Issues:
    • Klinefelter syndrome
    • Hypogonadism
    • Hyperthyroidism
    • Androgen resistance syndrome
    • Hyperprolactinemia
  6. A quarter of Gynecomastia cases have no known cause: This is sometimes referred to as “Pseudogynecomastia” and has no known medical reason for being present in men.
  7. Tumors:
    • Testicular
    • Lung
    • Breast
    • Liver
    • Adrenal

Surgery Remains the Most Effective Way to Lose Your Man Boobs for Good

Male breast reduction surgeries increased by 6% in 2011 (American Society of Plastic Surgeons). The ratio of glandular tissue to fatty tissue is different for everyone, so it’s important that you seek out a knowledgeable doctor who can assess how to properly remove your excess breast tissue. Liposuction: Used to remove excess fatty tissue. Excision: Removes excess glandular tissue with a scalpel. Your doctor might recommend both depending upon your level of Gynecomastia.

results of a male breast reduction surgery.

When to Seek Professional Medical Support

If you’ve been struggling with gynecomastia, and it’s hindering your self-confidence, we highly recommend seeking professional medical support. Gynecomastia is extremely common, and it’s important to seek out the consult of an experienced Gynecomastia Doctor who will evaluate all possibilities of your Gynecomastia before electing surgery as your best option. Dr. Millard has extensive experience in diagnosing Gynecomastia cases and can help you regain your confidence.
The other good news is that in recent years, we have seen a dramatic increase in cosmetic procedures elected by men. It is becoming more socially acceptable for men to undergo cosmetic surgery. This is a direct result of the advancements in plastic surgery that now make it possible to produce results that look natural and take relatively little time to perform and heal from.

Top Five Most Common Male Plastic Surgery Procedures:

  1. Nose Reshaping
  2. Eyelid Surgery
  3. Liposuction
  4. Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)
  5. Facelift

(2012 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report by American Society of Plastic Surgeons)

Regain Your Self Confidence

Men who undergo Gynecomastia surgery often find newfound courage to take up physical activities, as well as become intimate with others. Using either Smartlipo™, Hi Def or VASER® Hi Def techniques, Dr. Millard will remove the unwanted fat and glands from your breasts and leave behind just enough so that you walk away with chiseled pectorals. The minimally invasive probes leave little if any scars, and because you will experience a very small amount of blood loss, you are ensured to heal quickly. The recovery is relatively short, enabling you to quickly get back to life and enjoy the new, chiseled you.

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