bod:evolve is proud to be one of only five centers in the United States to offer patients a brand new, innovative and minimally invasive facelift technique called SmartLifting™.

What Is a SmartLift?

SmartLifting™ is a technique that incorporates Cynosure’s Smartlipo™ laser into the traditional facelift procedure.

The Smartlipo™ laser has customarily been used on the neck and abdomen as a non-surgical way to melt fat and tighten skin through collagen stimulation. Only recently has this technology been introduced into facial procedures.

SmartLift Results

The result is an extremely effective technique that provides all the benefits of a traditional facelift, but in a simpler, more gentle manner. By effectively firming the skin and tissue around the face, neck and jowls through collagen stimulation, you can now look and feel more youthful with a shorter recovery time.

SmartLift Benefits

The benefits of this revolutionary procedure approach are:

  • Shorter operation time
  • Quicker recovery
  • Less swelling
  • Less bruising
  • Safer
  • Less complications

Simply put, SmartLifting™ is the most significant advancement in facial plastic surgery in 20 years.

SmartLifting™ Can Be Applied in 3 Different Ways:

1. Laser Facial Sculpting™

This is the least invasive approach. With this procedure, the Smartlipo laser heats the skin from underneath, tightening the skin through the tissue coagulation that results from the heat stimulation.

This technique is combined with selective liposuction that targets specific areas, resulting in a smooth and defined look. Some patients may need to undergo additional laser skin resurfacing from the outside as well, depending on several factors, including the initial amount of skin laxity. This inside-outside treatment provides maximum skin tightening and conditioning when needed.

Laser Facial Sculpting procedures are performed using local anesthetic with extremely small incision points that are virtually unnoticeable. This is a wonderful treatment option for patients in their forties who don’t need extensive treatment to improve their overall appearance, as well as for patients concerned about any scarring or facial incisions.

2. UltraMiniLift™

An UltraMiniLiftis essentially a mini facelift using the Smartlipo laser. It is a great option for those who have more pronounced signs of aging than the typical Laser Facial Sculpting patient, but aren’t advanced enough to require a full facelift.

An UltraMiniLift procedure treats the same lower third of the face, the neck and jaw line as a traditional mini-lift. It is performed in a similar manner: through a very small incision by the ear, using local anesthetic.

Benefits Compared to A Mini-Lift:

  • Faster procedure, usually under one hour
  • Less bruising
  • Faster recovery
  • Tighter skin
  • Better results

3. Laser SmartLift™

This is essentially a full facelift procedure, with the surgeon using the Cynosure Smartlipo laser to assist in treatment. The results are all the benefits that a full facelift delivers, but with a dramatically reduced amount of physical trauma and side effects. This is the area that the new laser technology has impacted the most. By introducing the Smartlipo laser into full facelift treatments, the procedure becomes faster and easier to perform for surgeons, with less invasion and more accurate results.

The benefits are even greater for patients, who get to have all the amazing rejuvenation benefits a full facelift provides, in a dramatically reduced setting and with faster recovery and minimal downtime.

Explore For Yourself

bod:evolve is proud to be the first center in Denver to offer this amazing technology. If you would like to learn more about the SmartLifting™ procedure and how you could save years on your appearance in under an hour, schedule a consultation with our center today!

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