Tomorrow’s Technology is Here!

SmartLipo is one example of a new generation of technology that is revolutionizing liposuction. SmartLipo is a minimally-invasive surgical method that uses lasers to dissolve fat before removing it from your body.

SmartLipo is more effective and poses less risk than traditional liposuction. It also allows for the possibility of ‘sculpting’ your body, moving beyond simple fat removal and into the realm of muscle definition. This procedure can be accomplished using only local anesthesia. This means that it can be performed while you are awake and under local sedation only, which allows for a faster recovery.

Are You a Good Candidate for SmartLipo?

You should be a non-smoker, in good health and be close to your ideal weight before the procedure. In addition, you should be seeking to sculpt and contour your body and not expect to lose pounds. However, some parts of your body are prone to storing fat, and this procedure may help to get rid of those deposits.

What Can I Expect if I Receive a SmartLipo Procedure at bod:evolve?

SmartLipo is just one of the techniques we use at bod:evolve to reinforce our leading position in body sculpture techniques. With SmartLipo we are able to unlock your ideal body that many times cannot be seen with diet and exercise alone. If you have a stubborn area of fat that is resistant to vigorous activity, SmartLipo might be a great option for you. Many of our patients will have SmartLipo on a single area of their body and be back to work within a few days after their procedure.

If you’re interested in receiving a SmartLipo procedure, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at bod:evolve. Your doctor will be able to determine your suitability for a SmartLipo procedure, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and express whatever concerns you may have.

What Should I Know About SmartLipo?

Every surgical procedure has certain risks associated with it, and SmartLipo, while less risky than traditional liposuction, is no different. During your consultation, your doctor will discuss all the medical issues associated with receiving a SmartLipo treatment. As with any medical procedure, there are some risks and side effects. Most commonly the side effects are mild and temporary bruising, swelling and some discomfort.

Contact Us for a SmartLipo consultation, which is complimentary with most of our surgeons.

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